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Guru  Brahma   Gurur  Vishnu   Guru  Devo  Maheshvaraha

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma  Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

In South India, state of Kerala, directed by Pallippuram Sunil and Paris Laxmi

the   Kalashakti  School  of  Arts  is   proposing   to   children   and   adults   the   practice   of   various   Art   Forms.








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The   objectives   of   our  School   are  to  inculcate   to  the  youth  a  deep  interest   and   passion  for   Arts,  

provide  a  regular teaching  and  training  to  the  students, reveal talents

and promote the Classical Art Forms of India, 

in and throughout the country.


Kalashakti is also conducting shows performed by masters and students. 



During  their  studies  of  Arts,  the  students  will  have  the  opportunity  to  showcase  the  learned  items  


and  develop  their  knowledge  and  experience  


of  the  stage  performance.



















The    Kalashakti   School   of   Arts    proposes   classes   of :



Kathakali: Vesham, Make-up


Bharata Natyam



Ayurvedic cuisine


The  admission  to   the  Kalashakti  School  of Arts  is  done  for  one  year.

On  holidays  of  April-May,  workshops  may  be  proposed  to  the  students. 


We  are  also  welcoming  students  for  short  periods.  According  to  the  student's  wish  and  the  availability  of  the  teachers,  it is  possible  to  plan  a  personalized  timetable

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