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Indian Classical Dance Duet

Pallippuram Sunil in Kathakali 


Paris Laxmi in Bharatanatyam





Based on stories and manifestations of Lord Krishna,

with compositions from the Kathakali and Bharatanatyam repertoires...


This is a unique concept created and performed for the first time ever

by Pallippuram Sunil and Paris Laxmi in 2011 in France,

and later in 2014 in India with their new show: "Krishna Mayam".

Since then the production has been successfully touring all over the world: 

In India, France, Gulf countries, Australia etc... and completed more than 50 shows. 

Sree Krishna
Krishna's flute sound...
Radha & Krishna
Krishna & Kuchela
Krishna & Arjuna
Maha Vishu
Sangamam and the musicians
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